Mills choose Filtermist Oil Mist Collectors for next generation machines

Oil mist extraction in machining workshop



New generation machines require increased coolant delivered at high pressures and flow rates. The result is significantly more oil mist generation.


Filtermist oil mist collectors fitted as an integral part of new TT machines, keeping machine shops clean and meeting the requirements of stringent health & safety legislation.

Mills Manufacturing Technology

Machine tool distributor

United Kingdom

Highly successful machine tool distributor Mills Manufacturing Technology of Leamington Spa, has chosen an advanced oil mist filtration system from Filtermist International to compliment their new range of sophisticated Twin Turret Mill-Turn Centres.

Mills is the fastest growing machine tool company in the UK and has an annual turnover exceeding £25M. It provides high-precision machining solutions for companies involved with aerospace, automotive, medical, power engineering, oil & gas, and mould making industries. Since 1979 Mills has been the UK distributor for Doosan Daewoo and has recently added the TT series of 8 axis Mill-Turn Machines to the range, bringing the total number of models in their range to over 150.

Mills have been using Filtermist oil mist filtration systems continuously for over 20 years. Filtermist install the oil mist collection units at the Mills factory before the machine is delivered, and then provide after sales support and field maintenance to Mills customers. Filtermist's advanced centrifugal impaction systems remove oil mist from the air by separating the oil with rotating vanes. The oil is collected and returned safely to the machine for re-use while clean air is pumped back into the atmosphere.

Nick Frampton, Operations Director at Mills, comments: "The Filtermist range of oil mist collector units will form an integral part of the new TT range. Filtermist have become the name synonymous with oil mist collection. Our customers ask for a 'Filtermist' in the same way that people ask for a Hoover rather than a vacuum cleaner".

"Filtermist have become the name synonymous with oil mist collection"

Managing Director at Mills, Mike Jenkins adds: "If an accessory fails in the field it reflects directly on us and the customer expects immediate help. Therefore it is absolutely imperative that our suppliers are 100% reliable and are able to respond immediately with full UK support. The Filtermist oil mist collectors are quiet and trouble free, the service we receive is absolutely first class and good value for money."

Improved cutting techniques, superior finishing, swarf removal from deep holes, extended tool life and the removal of heat generated from multifunctional high-speed machining are common factors which require increased coolant delivered at high pressures and flow rates. The result is significantly more oil mist generation. With stringent health and safety legislation combined with the need for machine shops to be clean and pleasant places to work; it is no surprise that an increasing number of companies are demanding oil mist filtration systems fitted at source.

Mike Jenkins explains: "Mills is a distribution and support operation, not a manufacturer, so it is vital for us to have partner relationships that we can rely on and trust. Filtermist specify and install oil mist collector units with minimum involvement from Mills, they know and understand our machinery and customer requirements. We have an ethos at Mills that it should be easy for our customers to deal with us and we expect the same from our suppliers. Filtermist certainly live up to all our expectations with installation and service engineers responding rapidly to any eventuality."