Space saving designs for oil mist filtration system in a tightly packed workshop

Oil mist filtration in lathe workshop



A highly effective and compact oil mist filtration system was required for CNC machining operations at a workshop in London where space is at a premium.


The compact Filtermist oil mist filter was combined with bespoke design, space saving brackets. Oil mist was virtually eliminated and there are no obstacles to inhibit the movement of machine operators around the machines.

Tenable Screw Ltd

High precision components

United Kingdom

In common with many UK machine tool workshops, space is often at a premium. London-based turning company Tenable Screw Limited discovered that size really does matter when installing its latest CNC equipment!

In this instance help was at hand from Filtermist International, in the form of extremely compact Filtermist oil mist filtration units and bespoke design, ultra-slim mounting brackets.

Founded in 1940 and still family owned, Tenable Screw manufactures high precision components by the million from its three sites in London, Wiltshire and Coventry. These are produced in many materials and various grades of stainless steel. The company uses the Filtermist oil mist filter units to remove the mist produced when coolant meets hot metal. Surprisingly, it is the latest CNC machine installations that needed bespoke design work by Filtermist in order to maximise the space available!

Works Manager Trevor Peacock takes up the story; "We have been using Filtermist's range of oil mist filtration units for many years. With a tightly packed machine shop, we were especially pleased with the help we received from Filtermist in minimising the space required by these new machines. They listened to our needs and redesigned the mounting brackets to move the compact filter units to a more convenient location on top of the machine. This has made a huge difference to us, saving space, minimising potential health and safety issues and enabling our operators to move easily around the machine without any obstacles in the way."

"Filtermist is a responsive organisation that supplies reliable oil mist filtration equipment and good aftercare service."

Trevor further comments "In the short period before the Filtermist filter unit is fitted you really notice how much oil mist is being produced - in fact there are some jobs we simply couldn't run without one! Filtermist is a responsive organisation that supplies reliable equipment and good aftercare service."